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🚀 Our Mission

At ComplYant, our mission is to make tax resources more accessible to small business owners and solo entrepreneurs! Based in Los Angeles and Venture-backed by Techstars, Craft, Mucker, and Slauson & Co, our goal is to provide entrepreneurs with technology that helps them feel confident in their business tax management with deadline tracking, budgeting, and so much more.

Our vision is to upend the status quo and level the playing field so that small businesses can benefit from great tax support like big companies do, and avoid tax penalties. We are not a tax firm. We are a technology startup putting the power back in the hands of the business owner. We want to completely upend the status quo that says only the rich can benefit from great tax support!

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✨ Our Values

Our core values are the pillars by which we operate, lead, and learn. It's the energy that permeates all we do within the company and the truth that we strive to stand by.

🙌  Lead with support Leadership is not the act of standing over someone and giving instruction but of standing beside them and giving feedback. We do this by learning how to give and receive effective feedback, by allowing autonomy with work, and by giving clear deadlines, and the freedom to execute with creativity.
🔗 Connect through transparency Because we are a remote-first environment, authentic connection requires transparency. This means transparency in salaries, titles, goals, metrics, the financial position of the company, and anything else that attributes to the success of ComplYant as a whole. We also encourage our team to communicate with each other as honestly and transparently as possible.
🚧  No shortcuts on integrity We are a tool that’s focused on improving the tax process. Taxation is extremely regulated and audited. Our customers trust us to provide the highest integrity when dealing with their personal information. No shortcuts, even if it's easier, we will always choose the path that ensures we are protecting our users' sensitive data
📢  Call out the foolishness If you see something say something. That goes for inappropriate behavior, mistreatment of others, a lapse in integrity, or anything else that can attribute to a psychologically or physically unsafe work environment. These things will not be tolerated.
💖  Show up as yourself Be true to who you are and you are guaranteed our respect. Being anything else is a sacrifice to your mental health that we can not allow.

Why ComplYant is a great place to work 🫶